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 Your Home of African Masterworks of Art. We are pleased to share with our valued art lovers, the rich and diversified artistic culture expressed in African art. We believe that our collection conveys the essence of humankind’s ageless quest to reflect the beauty and the meaning of life through created artifacts. 

At Dafco, we collect, study, educate and stimulate appreciation for African art, which is meant for your homes, offices and to share as gifts.


Our collection expresses themes of Ranks and Prestige, Leaderships, Commemorating the Ancestors, Supernatural World, and the Rite of Passage. All of these themes we share with you through our unique collection. 


Shopping at Dafco’s creates a connection with the continent’s most diverse countries for their artistic focus; that for centuries have provided the world with masterpieces of fine art. With great emphasis we place on the quality, variety, value, and authenticity of the products we carry, coupled with our tenacious commitment to customer satisfaction, Dafco's Gallery of African Art is your home to start collecting.

We keep this belief at the center of all we do, from sales to service. 

We thank you for visiting our website, and we hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience with us. 

Joe Cobbinah (a.k.a Kwaku)
Dafco's Art Gallery

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